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Carolina Herrera .HEIC

Live Personalisation Counter

Experience by Sadhika offers a unique and captivating service of live calligraphy, engraving, and personalization for events. With on-site calligraphy, clients have the opportunity to witness the creation of personalized lettering, intricate calligraphy, or engraving right in front of their eyes. Whether it is adding a touch of elegance to letters, engraving a thoughtful message on a gift, or painting beautiful designs on bottles, the convenience of having these services provided on the spot allows clients to be involved in the creative process and ensures that their vision is brought to life flawlessly.  


- Ink customisation: personalised initials, names or quotes on various surfaces

- Engraving by hand on glass, metal, acrylic, ceramic or selected plastic

- Hot foiling by hand on leather, paper, wood, and selected fabrics

- Wine, champagne & glass drinkware personalisation
- Custom illustration and/or painting relevant to your event theme or brand guidelines

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